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The finished product painted in historically-accurate colours by our lead artist Pauline. 


The statue now has been returned as a family treasure

and heirloom.

We invite your inquiries by phone or email.  Cost estimates are based on the time required to research, restore and repair your statue, and will of course vary depending on the extent of wear or damage.   Please click the "Contact Us" page for more information.

When a client brought this treasured piece to our attention, she asked if there was anything we could do to restore its original beauty.  We tried polishing, dremel grinding, sanding and buffing.  But the answer came when we started to chip away at countless layers of paint that had been applied over the years, causing the distortions..


The true beauty lay beneath!

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The Beauty Lay Beneath

It took many painstaking hours to gently lift away the multiple layers of old paint, exposing the beautiful sculpture, while ensuring the original plaster was not damaged in the process.

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Annunciation of the Lord Parish Crucifix

Cracked arms, legs,  broken segments missing from the forearm, knees and legs, and the INRI inscription had to be precisely repaired and secured with an epoxy mix to ensure longevity for the refurbished cruifix.

    Always with careful consultation

and focus on detail, our artists are

able to restore existing colours to

statuary or artworks. 

    In some cases where an item has 

been poorly repainted or "touched up" in the past, we can also restore the piece to its original colors.  We can also colourize an unpainted piece based on historical versions

or the requests of the owner.

Queenship of Mary Statue

    The lower back portion of this statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary had been cut off some years ago, and the Sisters of the Queenship of Mary Community asked us to re-sculpt the back and to strengthen the base of the whole statue. 

                                                      The process began with sculpting mesh and a wood form to

                                                       re-sculpt the globe, the base and a flowing gown at the back.

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