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Saint Patrick Basilica

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After an unfortunate incident at Saint Patrick Basilica left the beautiful crucifix at the front of the basilica with a shattered shoulder and arm, we were asked to complete the restoration.

There were more than 60 pieces, and many were crushed so small they could not be saved.

Using special plasters, sculpting material and epoxies, the historic statue was re-sculpted and restored to its original shape in less than three weeks.

Dozens of original pieces were carefully fitted back into

the damaged arm, shoulder and hand areas.   Then all 

gaps were hand-filled with liquid and solid sculpting materials.  Veins, musculature

and missing fingers were sculpted and hand-sanded and buffed to match the original corpus.

Next the artist matched the original paint colours and shadows on the arm and  shoulder.  And the re-installation was completed.

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Restoring "the impossible.."

When a client called to ask if we could restore her badly damaged statue and sent us photos, we knew it was a challenge!  The unprotected plaster statue had been badly damaged by the elements.  It was disintegrating, large fragments were broken off or missing.  It could no longer stand up unsupported, rain damage made the body look like sponge, and the head was broken off and half missing.  Still, we dared.

The front panel was waterlogged and detached. The base was cracked and the (half-missing) head had broken off at the neckline.

We began by piecing together salvageable segments, then added cement, Apoxie Sculpt, and HydroCal hardened plaster before the real restoration could begin...

By the time the piece was restored, about 80 per cent of the statue had

been re-plastered and hand sanded.

When the customer originally obtained her statue from an old church in Quebec, Canada, it had no hands and she chose to keep it in its original form.

Re-built, re-plastered and ready for painting and weatherizing, the statue of the Virgin had come a long way from its "unsalvageable" state and was soon on its way back to its rightful home. 

* We invite your inquiries by phone or email.  Cost estimates are based on the time required to research, restore and repair your statue, and will of course vary depending on the extent of wear or damage.  

We are located in Ottawa, Canada.  But many items have been safely shipped to us from the US.  We can also provide advice on repairs and restoration in a telephone conference call.


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