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At Saint Patrick's Basilica in Ottawa, Pauline and Steve completed an extraordinarily beautiful restoration of our 14 Stations of the Cross. Their faith-informed artistry brought out the beauty of the original work - truly inspiring. After an incident of vandalism to the crucifix near our sanctuary, they restored this object of great devotion to a point where the damage was completely repaired - and with astonishing speed.

Five-star recommendation without hesitation.

        Click for crucifix restoration video                             - Monsignor Kevin Beach,  Rector, St. Patrick's Basilica

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Incredible service, you will not find a more professional, prompt business of any field anywhere! Simply the best! Thanks Steve, Pauline. Cheers, Tim

                                                                                             -  Timothy Vadneau, Ottawa.

I brought a sports trophy of my daughter's that I had broke. I went to a trophy shop with it and no luck, they told me it was irreparable. It is top heavy made of plaster, sort of a one of a kind, certainly sentimental type thing. Not only did Brushworks fix it and do an amazing job, but even gave it more support for the top. I now have them on speed dial as I am clumsy and they are that good!

                                                                                               -  A. Montagne, Ottawa.

Brushworks restored our stations of the cross in the context of our major renovation of l'église Saint-Joseph in Orléans. As well they restored two pedestals for our statues of St. John the Baptist and the Sacred Heart. Our first venture with them was to repair a broken processional cross and the quality of that minor repair led us to pursue our relationship. We are very grateful that our paths crossed and we invite people most enthusiastically to come and see for themselves. Very fine people to work with.

                                                                                           -  Monsignor Maurice Dionne, Pastor, l'eglise Saint-Joseph

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On behalf of Mother Mary Bernadette, I am writing to express how pleased we are with the work you have done for our community - the most recent being our chapel. Thank you for helping to create a beautiful, reverent worship space for our Lord.

                                                                                              - Sisters of The Queenship of Mary Community, 

Truly outstanding and beautiful work which they did for our parishes both in Ottawa at St. Mary's and in Toronto at St. Timothy's. Very professional to deal with as well as very personal and gracious. Highly recommend their work and service!

                                                                       - Fr. Roger Vandenakker, General Superior, Companions of the Cross

Angelina and I cannot recommend Brushworks enough! World class artisans!

                                                                                        - Dennis and Angelina Girard, Marian Devotional Movement

Some people in this world have talents we don't and Pauline and Steve are two of them. I posted pictures of the statue I had given them to restore and the patience to put this all back together let alone the results were astonishing and it shows. Something so rare and close to roots of families and my mom, It's amazing what they did and hope people see this and the photos. Thank you again and without you guys I wouldn't have been able to have the chief live on. Truly amazing. 

                                                                                            - Mitch Georgeoff, Ottawa


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Click for restoration video

I cannot say enough about my experience of working with Pauline and Steve. They are extremely responsive, professional and exceptional artists in their own right.

I presented them with quite the challenge. A personally sentimental "third-class relic" that had been passed down to me from my great Aunt. The statue originated at the 1947 Marian Congress in Ottawa, Canada where it was touched to a relic of St-Anne. .. The statue had been accidentally severely damaged during a renovation in my home....  With their experience and skill, Pauline and Steve did not hesitate to reassure me that they would be able to restore the statue.  Again, I cannot thank them enough. They both hold a special place in my heart.

                                                                                                 - Ray Lapensee

Steve and Pauline did a wonderful job restoring my statue. There are no signs of the "nibbles" our puppy took from this piece. :) Wonderful people to deal with and exceptional quality. Thank you again. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to bring any statue, big or small, back to life.


                                                                                                   - Jeanette Despatie

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Pauline and her team did an amazing restoration of the statue of St. Philomena which literally arrived from Italy in thousand pieces.   St. Philomena is now well positioned in St. Anne church for St. Clement Parish.    Thank you so much!


                                                                                                        - Jean-Marie Ribeyre

I had a nearly 3 foot statue of the Sacred Heart that I cherished and cared for. I inadvertently broke one of His outstretched arms! I knew of no one to turn to. I was so grateful when Fr. Hayes recommended Steve and Pauline's work. Even though I am from Windsor, I took my statue to be repaired near Ottawa. I am incredibly delighted with their work! You would never know that it was repaired, and they matched the paint perfectly. BTW, I think you should increase your fees Brushworks. It's obviously a calling and a loving ministry. I highly recommend them. God bless their work and God bless their family.

                                                                                                         - Mrs. Charlotte  Colautti, London

Thank you for your beautiful work on our 20-inch statue, Our Lady of Grace. The chips and scratches and cracks were repaired and all was repainted. This vintage and treasured statue has been restored!    

                                                                                                         -  Andrew and Eileen Brown 

Having seen Pauline's and Steve's work on restoration, we can only express thanks and total admiration for their exceptional effort and achievement. St. Patrick's and other venues are fortunate to have had such fine artists.

                                                                                                           -  Joseph and Marie  Stalmach

I have seen their work and it is amazing! The Crucifix at St Patrick's basilica is perfect - they are using their God-given talents to the maximum.

                                                                                                         -  James Doak 

Steve and Pauline are a godsend! Thank you for your amazing work, your attention to detail AND your love for what you do and for your customers! Above all God Bless you both xoxo.     Mom and I were so happy to have Our Lady back home safely and looking better than ever.      THANK YOU!

                                                                                                          - Sadie Haddad

Top-notch workmanship applied to several pieces of antique furniture and pottery restoring. Coupled with an acute sense for timeliness and respect of the customer. Extremely reliable on top of being quite pleasant to deal with. A rare combination of talent, honesty and sense of devoted service. Will always think of Pauline and Steve when in need to fix time inflicted wear and tear or return broken art pieces back to almost their original condition. Pauline and Steve love what they do and do it well at an honest price.                                           

                                                                                                        - Daniel Chemla, Gatineau QC.

Very beautiful work, and after repairs are complete, the statues are marvellously painted!

                                                                                                          - Raissa Jenna, ON

Very professional service attuned to the desire of the clients.

                                                                  - Michel Lepage, Orleans

Absolutely stunning attention to detail in the restoration of the statues at St. Patrick's Basilica - work really befitting such a holy place and architectural gem in Ottawa!

                                                                                                           - Greg Gallagher, Aylmer QC.

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